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This site is devoted to exploring the ancestry of Zachariah Watts and his wife Annabella McDougall, parents of some 13 children that were born and raised in and around Foley Township, near Parry Sound, Ontario in the mid to late 1800s.

In that first generation alone, the family tree expanded to include the family names of Hambly, Bennett, Sullivan, James, Scarr, Wilson, Corry, Stevenson, Gadway and Bell. With each new generation of marriages and births, the family tree continued to grow and incorporate many new branches of ancestors and descendants - providing us all with a diverse ancestry with ties as far back as the year 1034 and to such places as Scotland, Ireland, England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and others.

The hope is this site can become a gathering place where family can collaborate and share genealogy information for the many families that share a common ancestral connection. We invite relatives to explore, and to perhaps become regular contributors to the ongoing collection of information that will help to "paint a picture" of years gone past for the generations to follow.

Please note that some of the information in this database is related to living individuals and, for privacy/security reasons, it is password protected and viewable only to relatives. If you are a relative and would like to view the more complete records, please register.

Also, if you have a family connection and wish to submit information, amendments, stories, photos or documents, please contact us or use the suggest tab which you'll find near the top of each individual's page.

Stats: 9200 ancestors ~ 2127 surnames - Are you related? Search now


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