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 Elusive People

Looking for more details John Wilson and his wife Ida Goss

Jessie Wilson, daugther of John Wilson and Ida Goss married Murdock Benjamin Watts in 1902. We know that Jessie was born in 1879 in Byng Inlet, but we've found no additional details about Jessie's parents, and are curious if there's more to be discovered.
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Looking for more details on Ida May McGarry

In 1900, Ida May McGarry married Malcolm John Patterson Watts. Their marriage record reported that Ida was born around 1880 in Winnipeg, Manitoba to parents Patrick McGarry and Margaret Ann Sutherland. Except for the marriage record of Ida and Malcolm, we've been unable to find any additional details about Ida or her family. We know that her husband Malcolm Watts remarried in 1905, but have found no record of a divorce or her death. In the record of his second marriage, Malcolm was recorded as a bachelor and not a widower. Can you shed any light on the family of Ida May McGarry?
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 Mystery Photos

Relatives of Frederick Henri Xilon

The people in this photo are somehow connected to Frederick Henri Xilon, but who they are and how they're related is yet to be determined.
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